Welcome to Barley’s Angels Milwaukee!

Barley’s Angels is committed to involving women in the enjoyment of craft beer by creating environments where women can learn more about beer in a friendly, educational and supportive atmosphere. 

To find the most up-to-date information on upcoming meetings & events, check out our Facebook page.

Our meetings are held at various locations in the Milwaukee area on the first Thursday of each month. Our goal is to expose members to new bars and restaurants that are focused on serving craft beer. We usually start with a social hour at 6pm with the meeting starting at 7pm. Typically they will last 2-2.5 hours (depending on the presentations or samplings). Each meeting will have something different to learn!

Barley’s Angels is not just a social, beer-drinking club for women. Barley’s Angels respect beer and brewing, have a thirst for education, and enjoy beer responsibly.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Barley’s Angels Milwaukee!

  1. Anne and Bill Conley of the Stage Coach Inn, in Cedarburg are doing a beer thing called the Gustum on the Last Monday of the Month. It’s a little pub; but we bring in the best beers Wisconsin and the World have to offer. I started a play list called Acoustic Gustum with low key upbeat songs that don’t compete too much with the conversations people are having at their tables.

    Kathy Flanigan is coming in March and we are going to have a “book tasting”. She’s been super cool to work with. She basically filled the place the Last Monday In January. Feb. 26th, 2018 features Rodenbach’s “Alexander” which I’m super excited about — that and Louie’s Resurrection by MKE Brewing Company.

    I’ll come out March 1st to your Barley Angel event. If you have anyone in the North Shore, or Cedarburg — get them out on Feb 26th, 2018 to check out The Gustum. Honestly, if you want to co-sponsor something in June that would be awesome. I could do “favorite picks of the Barley Angels” in at the June Gustum. We could do something a little bigger in The Stage Coach Inn’s back parking lot.

    Let me know,

    Daniel J. Fouliard

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